What's AGORÀ?

“AGORÀ is a public space, a spectrum of different points of view, a mix of ideas, opinions, stories and people.” Marco Grattarola


“AGORÀ is a democratic place of sharing, where you can express your thoughts.” Duccio Prassoli


“AGORÀ is a free collective that uses Architecture to speak to the world, about the world.” Luca Fabbri


“AGORÀ is a group of students who analyze architecture in a different way.” Simone Perilli


“AGORÀ is Architecture as you have never read it.” Lucia Arrighi


“AGORÀ is a place frequented by young enthusiasts who are interested in Architecture. Free space where you listen and share.” Mattia Bencistà


“AGORÀ is a group of students who deal with current issues in an architectural key, from a younger and more committed point of view.” Simone Bianchi


“AGORÀ is a space open to all, where ideas on various topics related to Architecture are shared.” Tommaso Longoni


“AGORÀ is a platform to share ideas, opinions. A 360 degree view that allows to see the whole picture with all its aspects.” Anthony Antonios


“AGORÀ is a square for everyone, a place of artistic and intellectual sharing.” Giulia Brusoni


“AGORÀ is, according to the etymological root of the term, a square, the central and active point of the Polis, a place for discussion and exchange of views. In this collective the principles are traced by investigating the relationships between art, architecture and society.” Morgana Nichetti


“AGORÀ is a frank space, domain of free thought capable of collapsing fortresses and building visions.” Erika Cammerata


“AGORÀ is the space of brotherhood.” Marco Galloni


“AGORÀ is an experimental land, a personal stimulus for the research and construction of ideas.” Giulia Prayer Galetti


“AGORÀ are ideas in motion, lucid thoughts, other times confused, always spontaneously authentic.” Leonardo Sollami


“AGORÀ is where Architecture and Design communicate with everyone.” Gabriele Agus


“AGORÀ is a place of exchange and openness towards Architecture and Art.” Elena Tonelli


“AGORÀ is an abstract space where the immaterial announces, discusses, questions, criticizes, defines the material.” Elisa Goi


“AGORÀ is pure human connection, interpretation of time, in a constant dialogue between essences and substances.” Enrico Coldebella


“AGORÀ is a platform that not only seeks to revitalize the experiences of the 20th century related to architectural discussion, but is also a way for the young architect and editor to express their ideas and experience on contemporary architecture and daily life.” Anton Taiurskii


“AGORÀ is at the center of an intertwining, between past and future, in architectural matters and beyond.” Berk Ozturk


“AGORÀ is a meeting and confrontation space.” Filippo Mercuri


“AGORÀ is welcome, respect, discovery, sharing.” Giada D’Elia


“AGORÀ is where the borderline, between knowledge, discipline and information vanishes.” Giuliano Coppola


“AGORÀ is a constantly evolving discussion platform. Just like the themes it talks about.” Alessandro Giaconia


“AGORÀ is a place of exchange and sharing.” Francesca Martellono


“AGORÀ is experimentation, freedom of expression and continuous research.” Claudia Gardinetti Salazar


“AGORÀ is composition, of ideas, concepts and opinions” Federico Zambonini


“AGORÀ is the center and the periphery, it is vision and structure, natural and artificial: the scenario of our coexistence.” Francesco Merra


“AGORÀ is a place of confrontation for anything that is Architecture.” Jessica Borriello


“AGORÀ is the common thread that unites architecture, ideas and people.” Luna Lebang