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Protection, transformation and future development

A parallel between Genoa and Milan, paying particular attention to the valuable buildings existing on the territory, to the new urban transformations and to the projects under development.

Genoa and Milan are close, but they represent two completely different imaginaries. On the one hand the old lady dressed in seawear, severe as a storm and sweet as a liquor, made of lights and shadows that fit into a labyrinth of horizontal contradictions. On the other hand, the bright girl dressed in sky, heavy as fog and light as a flûte, made of ups and downs that follow one another in a composition of vertical alterations.

In recent years, both Genoa and Milan have experienced important changes that have led to the transformation of what is the collective imagination of these two cities. The historical concept of architecture in these places has changed, unfortunately or fortunately, thanks to the creation of new neighborhoods or individual buildings.
The Blueprint takes on a role of link between these two dimensions; three Milanese studios participate in the project of development of the Genoa waterfront.

What is the denied future of Genoa? What is the future already written in Milan? What are the links between the two cities and the transformations that will be reflected in society?

Editorial: Marco Grattarola and Duccio Prassoli
Cover: Marco Grattarola, “Ge_Mi”, 2018


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