Copertina Zones Portuaries

Zones Portuaires


Zones Portuaires is an interdisciplinary project dedicated to the port cities, which promotes the encounter between the world inside customs and the urban space.

Born in Marseille in 2008, Zones Portuaires arrived in Genoa in 2015 with the aim of contributing to the interdisciplinary dialogue between the Port and the City.

Within this framework we were invited by the festival organizers (Zones Portuaires / Genova e Federico Godino) in order to moderate a debate at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. We marked the interventions by defining three main themes: “infrastructure“, “environment” and “mending city and port“. These issues were addressed separately and introduced by the video interviews that we propose again. The same questions were then also formulated to the guests, who offered interesting food for thought and further points of view.



Belt and Road Initiative and Third Pass: how will Genoa and its port evolve?
1- Maurizio Iannetti – Captain Rimorchiatori Riuniti 
2- Augusto Cosulich – President and CEO at Fratelli Cosulich Group
3- Antonio Benvenuti – Console Compagnia Unica Lavoratori Merci Varie

Sustainability and port: how can these two dimensions coexist?
4- Giorgio Bavestrello – Professor of Zoology at the Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Genoa
5- C.V. (CP) Filippo Marini – Second in Command Coast Guard
6- Nicolò Santamaria – Fisherman at Mercato del pesce di Campagna Amica dal pescatore al consumatore, CALATA Vignoso

Waterfront of Levante and Ponte Parodi: how to mend the city and the port?
7- Giorgio Martino – Studio Giorgio Martino FactoryMoltomeno.Design
8- Marco Catto – Marshal of Security Guards, real estate developer and commander of the Sant Antonio Primo motor fishing boat
9- Stefania Toro – Studio Condiviso, lighting designer