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This issue of AGORÀ magazine aims to investigate the meaning of the word “identity”.

The definitions associated to this word are many, and range from psychology to philosophy. This word evokes very different interpretations: generational identity, gender identity, architectural identity, personal/collective identity, national identity, psychological identity, the principle of identity, the identity crisis, city identity, etc … this publication is to collect contents that investigate a personal interpretation of the theme “identity” by the authors.

We want to generate a critical and constructive debate inside and outside the AGORÀ group, for this reason we have tried to design a square where the authors can express their point of view and their opinion in total autonomy and freedom. We involved more authors than in previous issues because it was necessary to stimulate a collective awareness of the historical moment we are experiencing and the theme we have chosen.

This occasion represented the opportunity to also think about the meaning of this editorial project, about the AGORÀ magazine’s identity. The chosen theme led us to the development of articles and interviews made by new collaborators and by figures who have been present for some time in the editorial board. This condition has allowed a richer and more diversified internal debate, capable of stimulating the group by providing new points of view on the work carried out in the last three years of magazine’s activity. To date, AGORÀ represents a comparison tool between students and professionals, between different disciplines linked by architecture.

Within the editorial staff, we believe there is a need for an identity discourse that involves our generation, to understand what role we have within society and what role we should/would like to have in the society of the future. For this reason, as for the issue Number 07, thanks to the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano, an event was organized. The latter was divided into four sessions (Future identity; Continuity of identity; G. Muzio in the Milanese identity; Identity?). Within the event we discussed the theme by developing a dialogue with some personalities selected on the basis of their familiarity with the theme of identity.

To deepen the reading of the publication, we recommend viewing the recording of the aforementioned online event: “AGORÀ talk: Identity

Editorial: Duccio Prassoli, Marco Grattarola
Cover: Leonardo Sollami, Il volto dell’identità, Milan, 2021

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