FRONTIERS is the podcast by AGORÀ magazine. Federico Godino talks about the scenarios of architecture, design and technology that are expanding the traditional boundaries of the project.

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Contemporary art, Hollywood films, video games, medical research. What do all these things have in common? That a skilled digital artist can move easily in all these areas. Agata Soccini, VR artist, PHD and researcher at the University of Turin, explains how one day we might feel that we have a tail if our avatar has one.


Virtual and augmented reality are changing the way architects work and design space. In this episode we will talk with Hybrid Reality, an interdisciplinary studio that works on representation in AR and VR for various applications, from research to training. With us the founders: Luisa Vitadello (CO-FOUNDER, CTO & CG ARTIST), Giulia Benvegnù ( CO-FOUNDER, COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGIST) Rosa Buson (CO FOUNDER, CEO).


The Center Pompidou will be closed for 3-4 years due to maintenance. A huge and inefficient time for a building designed to be at the technological forefront of its era. We will tell in detail how a spearhead of innovation can over time show anachronistic and obsolete aspects. To do so we will be joined by Boris Hamzeian, architect at False Mirror Office and Phd candidate at the EPFL (Lausanne).

Useful links: On the 2023 restorationOn the new French antenna of the Center Pompidou

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In the first episode of FRONTIERS we will explore the complex world of Chinese architecture, we will try to describe its quantities identifing the fundamental principles of its incredible architectural proliferation. Accompanying us Prof. Michele Bonino, Professor of Architectural and Urban Design and Vice-Rector for Relations with China at the Polytechnic of Turin and former visiting Professor at Tsinghua University.