Cover Number 03


Meeting, opportunities and contrasts


Migration has always been a phenomenon that characterizes the history of humanity. By necessity or voluntary choice, the displacement of populations on the planet was the decisive factor in the genesis of new civilizations or in the cultural progression of existing ones.

Architecture, as a discipline permeable to human modification, has accepted this phenomenon by transfiguring it into matter. The architectural doctrine is then forced to respond to a second need generated by migration: the integration. The proposed theme is complex and strongly characterizes the contemporary political and social landscape, we think that migration is an opportunity and that its potential can be expressed through architecture.

With this issue we have tried to tell, through the architectures and the testimonies of those who have experienced this phenomenon on their own skin or studied its developments, what is the link between architecture and migration.

Editorial: Marco Grattarola and Duccio Prassoli
Cover: Leonardo Sollami, Sulla strada di casa, 2018


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