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What is the role of architecture in the climate change crisis?

Over the last year I travelled across the world to see how architects and engineers from different countries are solving the climate crisis we are currently experience. I was shocked, excited and terrified by the varying levels of progress I saw.


During the trip I encountered two reoccurring themes. Firstly I was being told architects play an essential role in solving the climate crisis. However, on the contrary, I was being told architects should simply minimise the impact buildings have on the environment and allow other professionals, such as those in the energy sector to take a leading role.

These themes provoked numerous feelings and questions for me as an architecture student who strives to make real positive impact. The advancements I saw in smart and green architecture overwhelmed me with joy and excitement. While the simplistic, locally-sourced approach left me asking the question: have I chosen the right career path to create a substantial impact?

Since returning from the trip I have been working non-stop on editing the footage I captured. This urgency stems from wanting to reassure the public that progress is being made, but also comes from wanting to resolve the burning question I still had not truly unanswered: what really is the architect’s role in this climate crisis?

This period of reflection has led to enlightenment, but in order for you to truly grasp my new found understanding I urge you to watch the following videos featuring the footage I captured from across the world and to subscribe to my YouTube channel Going Green to see what is truly being done to solve this climate crisis.

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Ben is an Architecture Student from Loughborough, UK. He has a strong passion for environmental and sustainable design. He is a keen traveller and runs the YouTube channel ‘How We Save Earth’ where he documents how people from different countries are saving the planet.
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