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100 questions

100 questions because that’s all I am.

P.S. I recommend both individual and collettive reading. In the first case, I would accompany the experience with a glass of wine, trying to give subjective answers that satisfy your curiosity to get to know yourself better. However, in the second case, collective reading can generate debate. By comparing everyone’s answers and arguing, you can find excellent ideas for conversation.
The order of questions can be subverted if you wish to be guided by the circumstance.

1. Who are you?
2. Why do you exist as you are?
3. How do you feel?
4. What is your direction? Do you have a destination?
5. What is the meaning of (your) life?
6. What is happiness? Are you happy?
7. How time is made?
8. What activity makes you forget the passage of time?
9. How does the universe work?
10. What is chance and what role does it play in creation?
11. What is good? What is evil? What relationship do they have?
12. What are the alternatives?
13. Try to think of a God, what kind of God would you like?
14. What do you believe in?
15. What does “love” mean?
16. How do you imagine yourself when you make love?
17. How do you want to make love?
18. What are numbers for you?
19. Why aren’t we all the same? Are we all different?
20. What is death?
21. What does Eve thinks of Adam’s death?
22. What do you want to do before you die? Are you trying to make it happen?
23. What is future? How do you build it?
24. What is life made of? What is waiting for?
25. What do you feel when you look at your own gaze in the mirror?
26. Does the truth exist?
27. Why are you a liar?
28. What is one truth you are convinced of, yet deep down you know it is not true?
29. Why change? Why stay the same?
30. How will you be in 10 years?
31. What scares you?
32. How to interact with what exists? How to create what does not exist?
33. What is light for plants? What is water for fish?
34. What effect does the gravity of the moon have on human mood?
35. Why is it worth moving in space?
36. How do we dwell? How to dwell?
37. Why do we live this way?
38. What is AGORÀ?
39. What are the squares for?
40. Who can live together? How?
41. How will we live together? How would we live together?
42. How is a group structured?
43. What is Architecture?
44. Is architecture a reflection of society? If so, in what terms?
45. How to design the many lives of a building? How to continue writing its history?
46. ​​How many doors to put in a room and why?
47. How many possible articulations does a room have?
48. What is a wall? What is a window? What is a door? What is a room? Etc..
49. What do I want the wall to do? And the window? The door? The room? Etc…
50. What is the compression/expansion limit of a room?
51. What to do with design?
52. How does the space that welcomes you at this moment influence your perception?
53. What do you see?
54. Does the house change more often than life, the opposite, or do the two things coincide?
55. Who needs the same house?
56. How many houses exist in a house?
57. What can be shared in a house?
58. Is the smartphone a home?
59. How to use a building?
60. Will cities outlive cities? Should they? Can they?
61. Is the city making the citizens or are the citizens making the city? How?
62. What questions would you ask a city?
63. How to organize the density?
64. What is the ideal city like?
65. What choices have you made? Where will they take you?
66. Why is there no more talk of politics in universities?
67. What role should Europe play in the world?
68. Is democracy the best socio/political system we have found?
69. How to transform capitalism into something more tolerable?
70. In an age characterized by the power of the means, what are the aims?
71. To be or to have?
72. Who is willing to pay and why?
73. Is privacy a right?
74. Does a civilized society make war? Why?
75. Climate change is a war against whom?
76. What does “sustainability” mean?
77. How to become self-sufficient (emotionally)?
78. Where are you when you dream?
79. What are memories for?
80. Are you having fun?
81. What time is it?
82. Can we be alone together?
83. What is the logic of the differences?
84. What do you lose when simplify?
85. What is the limit between freedom and will?
86. What can the theater still teach us?
87. If everything is subject to transformation, why are we so afraid of it?
88. How are we evolving? Are we evolving?
89. How to accept the crisis?
90. Should we accommodate our nature or fight it? If both, how?
91. If you are the architect of your own reality, then are you also the architect of that of others? And viceversa?
92. What would be taught at the Academy of Madness?
93. Why is melancholy so sweet?
94. How does a non-place exist?
95. What are common goods? Are the commons good?
96. Can you walk over me?
97. What does “identity” mean?
98. How many times do you have to look at the world before you are free? How many times do you have to blow in the wind before you hear the answer?
99. How can I answer? What are my responsibilities?
100. What is the question?

Cover: Marco Grattarola, 100 questions, Milano, 2021.

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